Autism 30


Dr. Wenn Lawson Part 2

December 15, 2017

Clarifying the myth about autism, empathy and honesty. Non-generalized object permanence. Techniques to teach. Connection and feelings. Challenges that our community members face. Fluctuating capacity. Single-mindedness. Important of context and setting. Barriers faced and how to overcome. Looking beyond the behaviour. Benefits of autism. How to connect. What Dr. Wenn would like the world to learn about his extensive body of literary work and his teachings. Sensory issues and what he wishes and hopes for from society. Useful technology. What he wants the world to know about autism.

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Dr. Wenn Lawson Part 1

December 1, 2017

Who is Dr. Wenn Lawson? Why he chose to work in autism? The differences in various countries around the world and what Canadians can learn. Processing information and expectations. How autism research has changed over time. Language and inclusion and why it’s important. The ways autistic people learn and different types of learners. How to motivate and how he learns. Obsession/ Passion. Motivation of connection. Shifting attention and why it’s difficult. Using interests to reach. Metaphoric language vs literal language. GAMMA connectivity. How to reach someone. Eye contact. Respecting autism and difficulties. Processing time. Lanes of traffic. 10 second rule. Avoid paraphrasing. Single-mindedness. Single-minded outcomes and concepts. How attention is processed. How to get GAMMA connectivity. Just because it’s different doesn’t means if out of bounds. Techniques to reach your child.

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Mr. James Burden

February 15, 2017

Who is Mr. James Burden. Speech pathology explained. How and why he started his company Exceptional Speech and Languages Services. His philosophy. Services offered. High functioning autism and Asperger’s explained. Social communication explained. Skills our community members may need that are offered. Finding good group dynamics for the individuals' needs. Difference between one on one and group sessions. Importance of social skills. Success stories. Maximum and minimum ages and funding. How to access services. Locations. Working with schools. Misconceptions about his craft clarified. What he loves about his job. What he wants the world to know about autism.

Exceptional Speech and Language Services
400 - 1338 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6H 1H2
420 Seymour River Place, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V7H 1S8

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Mr. Chad Bouchard CBI Consultants Limited

January 15, 2017

Who is Mr. Chad Bouchard. CBI Consultants Limited explained and skills taught. Importance of the skills taught. Levels. Best practices. Individualized plan. Self-determination and curriculum explained. Their voice found. Ages. Helping with IEP. Working with schools and school districts. Funding. Registering process. Vital skills needing to be taught. What he loves about his job and the impact in his own life. Other supports offered. Autism in his own words.

CBI Consultants Limited
204-3970 Hastings Street, Burnaby, British Columbia Canada, V5C 6C1

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Mr. Chad Bouchard
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Dr. Christopher Gibbins

July 1, 2015

What are the early signs of autism? How to book an appointment? The autism diagnosis process and what does it looks like? Why the day of the month matters regarding funding. Why does Dr. Christopher Gibbins love being a psychologist? Facts about autism in his own words.

Dr. Christopher Gibbins
Westcoast Child Development Group Inc.

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