Autism 30

Ms. Jodi Gilmore & Mr. Doug Protz (Part 1)

Dec 1, 2016

How their interest autism began. Their personal experience with autism in the 1990’s. Signs they saw and experienced and questions that they had at the time. Preschool experiences. Definition: “Sensitive”. Internal and external stresses. How their path with their son lead them to the present. Trying different therapies. The book: Son Rise, by: Barry Neil Kaufman. Their experiences teaching and important talents they have working with children. The “In’s.” Why they created their company Overture Neurodevelopment Supports Services. Listening to parents needs. Thoughts about working and communicating with some people on the spectrum. Choice and information.

Overture Neurodevelopment Supports Services
303-718 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, V5Z 1G8

Telephone: (604) 828-5634
Email: [email protected]

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