Autism 30

Newsletter #3: Dec 2016


Autism 30 December 2016 Newletter
We want to remind our audience that with the festive season among us let us not forget to be extra cognizant of the extra challenges that some of our community members face at this time with the added lights, music, sounds, smells in the air and change to a routine schedule that can place an added burden to an already tested system and how this can affect their families as well.

Don’t forget to tune in to the 1st podcast of a 3 parts podcast on December 1st, 2016, with Ms. Jodi Gilmore & Mr. Doug Protz from Overture Neurodevelopmental Support Services, located in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

I want to give a huge thank you to those individuals who make a special effort to understand, support and help those at this time so we call all call this the season of Joy.

Happy Holidays!
The Autism 30 Team
 “Live in Love”


Sirota Alchymy Martial Arts & Life Skills Centre has some great news!
A wonderful opportunity is being offered by Sirota Alchymy Martial Arts & Life Skills Centre. They have been selected to provide Martial Arts & Self-Defence Programs for people with cerebral palsy and people with disabilities that will be funded by the generous foundations.
This is a time sensitive fund offer so contact them soon at the following:
Richmond location: 604-244-8842
Vancouver location: 604-569-3395
Email: [email protected]
(Podcast dated June 15th, 2016)


Laurel Spring Camp News
Laurel is happy to offer two camps this Spring Break for youth ages 14-18. Register early to secure a spot!
Head Start is an innovative, fun and engaging camp for youth between the ages of 14-18 who would like to learn about employment, and opportunities that await them after high school.
A social skills camp specially designed to bring youth together (ages 14-18) to connect with peers and build friendships. Based on the PEERS® curriculum, this camp focuses on friendship skills and teaching important social behaviours that will enhance workplace readiness.
Click here to see the brochure:
(Podcast dated: March 1st, 2016)


PosAbility Newsletter “Imagine” from posAblity is out!
posAbility’s newsletter’s Imagine is out and has wonderful information. Click and read their upcoming news here:
(Podcast dated: February 15th, 2016)


Congratulations Ms. Monique Nelson (From posAbility)
We here at Autism 30 would like to congratulate Ms. Monique Nelson for winning the Believe, Engage and Inspire Award! This award is a formal recognition program that aims to reward employees who go above and beyond in their jobs on a daily basis to make a positive difference. She is a gift to the autism community and a joy to interview.  This acknowledgement of her is truly deserved. 

(Podcast dated: February 15th, 2016)


Ms. Janet Walmsley and Ms. Jenny Story Book Signing and Interviews

There is another great opportunity to meet, in person, Ms. Janet Walmsley and Ms. Jenny Story at their book a signing event, which will take place on December 8th from 6pm to 8pm.

The location: The Continental Café (4295 Main Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

This will be a nice treat to meet the wonderful mother and daughter author duo and everyone can get a drink and treat, if they would like. 

Ms. Janet Walmsley is also going to be doing an interview on WBTVN Women's Broadcast Television Network, on December 5th from 5:00 to 5:30.
(Podcasts dated: April 1st, 2nd, and May 1st, 2016)


Autism 30 Holiday gift shopping ideas:
If you are looking for a way to give back to the autism community, but are running out of ideas and don’t know what to do, may we suggest the following:
1-Donating to your favourite autism charity.
2-If you are a parent: Join the Canucks Autism Network. For a nominal annual fee of 25$ your child and family can participate in various amazing sporting, recreational activities, and events that take place all year round. I can’t recommend this organization enough.  The fun memories you will create are priceless.

Click here: Canucks Autism Network

(Podcast dated: December 15th, 2015)
3-If you are a friend or neighbour: Offer to babysit, make dinners, shovel their driveway, clean up their garden, or invite and include them in your festivities. If they can’t make it, send the festivities there way (without judgment) and ask them how you can help them. Remember that all people who have autism are different and therefore all families have different needs. It’s the thoughts of being thought of and wanting to be included that counts.
4-Everyone: The best gift you can give yourself and our community is to educate yourself on issues that surround autism, let others know what you learned, and accept nothing less then the fair treatment of all citizens of Canada. To ensure that all of our community members and their families enjoy a safe, equitable, included, and full life as everyone should. We need your understanding and support!
Quote of the month:  “It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of the village,”

​By: Coach Elaine Hall
Elaine Hall (Coach) is the founder of The Miracle Project profiled in AUTISM: The Musical. She is the author of Now I See the Moon (Harper Collins 2010) and co-author with Diane Issacs of Seven Keys to Unlock Autism: Creating Miracles in the Classroom (Wiley 2011).