Autism 30

Mayday Club Youth Choir For Neurodiversity

January 1, 2018

Who is Ms. Nicole Provost? The history of The Mayday Club Youth Choir for Neurodiversity. The philosophy and goal of the choir. Performances and how to book them. Benefits of being part of and watching the group. Why “boring” is a great term. What she’s learned about herself directing and what it’s meant to her. Why she is so inspiring and a gift to our community. How to start your own choir. How to join the choir. The maximum and minimum ages of participants. Who is welcome to assist, volunteer, and others (photographers, film students, etc.). Success Stories. Future goals and ambitions. Autism in her own words. How to buy their Music.

Phone: 604-807-1018
Email: [email protected]

Music by Greg Milk on iTunes. Click here::