Autism 30

Legal and Planning

Helen Ries (Vital information for parents who are planning for their child’s future when they pass on - Helen’s point of view)

Aug 1, 2016

Who is Helen Ries? What her parents were like and her brother is like? What family life was like growing up with a sibling with special needs.  Immediate challenges faced upon the passing of her parents and situations that she had to deal with that frustrated her.  The reality of poverty and the disabled. What she wished her parents had put in place. What she wished would change. How her situation affected her own life and her families. The impact of the inaccurate perceptions of others. What policy changes she wishes would take place. What would she advised her parents if she could have. What she wished the public would know. Why a Will is vital. What she would like the world to know about looking after a sibling: main challenges, benefits, and joys.  Her two amazing contributions to the disability world and how to get involved.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @helenries /
Website: and

PLAN with Ted Kuntz, Tim Ames, and Rebecca Pauls

Jul 15, 2016

Who are Mr. Ted Kuntz, Mr. Tim Ames, and Ms. Rebecca Pauls. The history of PLAN (Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network). The importance of planning for our children's future. Benefits of PLAN. Creating social connections. Who can access PLAN. Types of supports offered. Who are plan members. Financial planning. Wills, trusts and estates. Why a will is vital and why it’s important to work with a professional. RDSP. Workshops and retreats offered and how to register. Who are caregivers. Laws, policies and government. How to join and be a lifetime member. What they love about their work. Autism in their own words.

Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network
#260-3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, V5R 5W2

Website: and
General Inquiries: (604) 439-9566

R.D.S.P. with Mr. Al Etmanski

May 15, 2016

Who is Mr. Al Etmanski? What is the Registered Disability Savings Program (R.D.S.P.). What are its features? Canada before the program existed and how he came up with the idea. The history and genesis of the R.D.S.P. Challenges of getting it started. The role Mr. Jim Flaherty played in its implementation. Building a network of champions. How to apply and documentation needed. The future of the program. Why it’s important to plan for the future for our children. A Will and a Trust. Why people don’t plan for the future. His book “Safe and Secure: Six steps to creating a personal future plan for people with disabilities”. Why a social network is important for families. What he’d like the world to know about autism.

RDSP: or 1-844-311-7526
Book: “Safe and Secure: Six steps to creating a personal future plan for people with disabilities”: