Autism 30

Talie Thoughts

EmploymentWorks Canada Program

September 15, 2017

Who is SF Walker and Rebecca Farnell. The history and philosophy of the EmploymentWorks Canada Program. Who is the program for, and it’s duration. What takes place during sessions and skills taught. Why it is important for our ASD community, and job statistics. Job sampling. Communication and self-reflection. Skills: who am I, stress, bullying, disclosure, boss vs. co-worker, professionalism, time management, goal setting, resume building, and community interaction. Post program support. Weekly employment group. Teacher student ratio. Program schedule. Cost. What they love about their work. What they want the world to know about autism.

EmploymentWorks Canada
3688 Cessna Drive, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, V7B 1C7

Phone: 604-207-1980
Rebecca Farnell, Program Coordinator: [email protected]
SF Walker, Program Facilitator: [email protected]
Sita Sahasrabudhe, Program Facilitator: [email protected]