Autism 30


Soar Inclusive Preschool with Kathryn Theroux

August 15, 2017

Who is Kathryn Theroux. The history and philosophy of Soar Inclusive Preschool. The difference between their preschool and others. ABA explained and benefits for all students. Programs offered. Schedule. Why play is so important. Student/teacher ratio. Working with other companies located at PAFN’s Goodlife Fitness Hub and other feeder schools. Qualifications of staff and volunteers. Training the future educators. Funding and cost. The application process. Strengths of the preschool. What Kathryn loves about her work and some of her success stories. What she wants the world to know about autism.

Soar Inclusive Preschool
3688 Cessna Drive, Richmond, British Columbia
Canada, V7B 1C7

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 604-704-5812

Douglas College, Dr. Elizabeth Athens

October 15, 2015

Dr. Elizabeth Athens’s role at Douglas College. Why attend Douglas College Disability and Behaviour Analysis and Behaviour Intervention Programs? Graduation requirements and the course breakdown, in detail. Certifications available. The Faculty at Douglas College. The Advisory Committee. Graduate career possibilities and University entry. Successful alumni. College admission requirements. Fees and BC autism funding. One item their students learn about autism.

Douglas College "Coquitlam Campus"
"Disability and Applied Behaviour Analysis & Behaviour Intervention Programs"

Address: 1250 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, V3B 7X3
Phone: 604-527-5612

Douglas College Website:
Disability and Applied Behaviour Analysis Program Webpage:
Email: [email protected]

Fawkes Academy DL

October 1, 2015

What is Fawkes Academy DL? What are the goals and locations? Age of students? Home-based and school based programs. The curriculum. The unique “typical day”. Parental involvement. Recording of student progress. The benefits of physical activity. Who are the faculty and what are their qualifications. Funding. Success stories. Autism in her own words.

Fawkes Academy DL - Richmond
Address: 1110-6900 Graybar Road, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, V6W 0A5
Phone: (604) 232-4122

Fawkes Academy DL - Burnaby
Address: 100-2500 Boundary Road, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V5M 3Z3
Phone: (604) 299-4144

Email: [email protected]

Dr. Elizabeth Athens

Clinical Director & Program Manager, ABA Learning Centre & Clinic Program and GABA Children's Society

August 1, 2015

What is ABA in Dr. Athens own words? GABA school details. Benefits of in school autism therapy. Students schedules in detail. Faculty qualifications. Autism funding and cost breakdown. The school’s strengths. Consistency in education. Educational options after preschool.

ABA Learning Centre & Clinic Program and
GABA Children's Society (for children age 2-6)

Address: 1110-6900 Graybar Rd, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, V6W 0A5
Phone: 604-232-4122

Email: [email protected]

Ms. Andrea Kasunic (Head of School) PALS

July 15, 2015

What is ABA? What is PALS and how to attend? The difference between PALS and the public school system. Who is involved, and their responsibilities. Tuition and funding. Ms. Kasunic’s passion for her work, and her understanding of families with autism.

PALS Autism School
Address: 2409 East Pender Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V5K 2B2
Phone: 604-251-7257

PALS Adult Program
Address: 203 West 6th Avenue Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V5Y 1K7
Phone: 604-872-7257

Email: [email protected]