Autism 30

Dr. Wenn Lawson Part 1

December 1, 2017

Who is Dr. Wenn Lawson? Why he chose to work in autism? The differences in various countries around the world and what Canadians can learn. Processing information and expectations. How autism research has changed over time. Language and inclusion and why it’s important. The ways autistic people learn and different types of learners. How to motivate and how he learns. Obsession/ Passion. Motivation of connection. Shifting attention and why it’s difficult. Using interests to reach. Metaphoric language vs literal language. GAMMA connectivity. How to reach someone. Eye contact. Respecting autism and difficulties. Processing time. Lanes of traffic. 10 second rule. Avoid paraphrasing. Single-mindedness. Single-minded outcomes and concepts. How attention is processed. How to get GAMMA connectivity. Just because it’s different doesn’t means if out of bounds. Techniques to reach your child.

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