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Alexander Magnussen

February 15, 2018

Who is Mr. Alexander Magnussen? His childhood and challenges. Autism language and book ideas. His school experiences. The importance of inclusive education and EAs. Autism misconceptions and myths. Why being social is vital and practice is key. Learning rules, manners, and boundaries. There’s always hope. How the autistic brain works “computer files.” The waiting times to get an answer. Hyper aware. Decompression time. How emotions are felt. Stimming. Why he feels it is important to answer parents’ questions during his lectures. His passion to educated people about autism. His thoughts about the spectrum.

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Dr. Wenn Lawson Part 2

December 15, 2017

Clarifying the myth about autism, empathy and honesty. Non-generalized object permanence. Techniques to teach. Connection and feelings. Challenges that our community members face. Fluctuating capacity. Single-mindedness. Important of context and setting. Barriers faced and how to overcome. Looking beyond the behaviour. Benefits of autism. How to connect. What Dr. Wenn would like the world to learn about his extensive body of literary work and his teachings. Sensory issues and what he wishes and hopes for from society. Useful technology. What he wants the world to know about autism.

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Dr. Wenn Lawson Part 1

December 1, 2017

Who is Dr. Wenn Lawson? Why he chose to work in autism? The differences in various countries around the world and what Canadians can learn. Processing information and expectations. How autism research has changed over time. Language and inclusion and why it’s important. The ways autistic people learn and different types of learners. How to motivate and how he learns. Obsession/ Passion. Motivation of connection. Shifting attention and why it’s difficult. Using interests to reach. Metaphoric language vs literal language. GAMMA connectivity. How to reach someone. Eye contact. Respecting autism and difficulties. Processing time. Lanes of traffic. 10 second rule. Avoid paraphrasing. Single-mindedness. Single-minded outcomes and concepts. How attention is processed. How to get GAMMA connectivity. Just because it’s different doesn’t means if out of bounds. Techniques to reach your child.

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Update interview with Lucas Gates

November 1, 2017

Happy 25th Birthday Lucas. Employment changes. His role at PAFN’s Goodlife Fitness Hub. Past groups offered and what he’s learned. Current groups offered and group merging. Philosophy, goals, and age limits. How to join. Scheduling, dates, and cost. Keeping all doors open. Volunteers and how to apply. Success stories. How his life has changed. Other events he’s working on. His successful mother. Open to all diverse needs. Advisory committee. What he’s learned about autism within the year.

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President of Autism BC Laurie Guerra and Community Member Wes

Jun 15, 2017

Who is Laurie Guerra and Wes? The story of Wes’s childhood and his diagnosis. Signs of autism. Knowing about his autism diagnosis. Setting high expectations. How autism affected him. Speaking about feeling different. The importance of starting his educational journey in a great school. What he would like others to be aware of. What school (K-12) was like for him. Insight into the rigorous autism schedule. What he would like others to know. Losing the autism diagnosis. Their hopes for the future. Advocacy and the love of a parent. The real financial cost of therapy. What he loves about engineering. His genius, organisational skills, and dependability. Why he loves University. His advice for employers. Wes’s inspiration. His final thoughts and what he’d like you to know about autism.

Mr. Zachary Protz

February 1, 2017

Zachary’s childhood. Discovering that he had autism. Understanding social communication. Friends, homeschooling. teenage and adulthood. “You don’t look like you have autism” and his ideas on the matter. Trying to see through different lenses “green” and “red”. His words and insight for others. How signs can be misinterpreted and misunderstood. Importance of exposing children to the world. What would make his life easier. His thoughts about having autism. His hopes for others in the community. The beauty of technology. Challenges faced in society. His future goals. His inspiration. His final thoughts. What he wants the world to know about autism.

Ms. Nicole Jinn

November 15, 2016

Who is Ms. Nicole Jinn? Finding out she was on the spectrum. Her drive to help others. What her childhood was like. Her cultural experiences. Her current concerns for adults on the spectrum. Her personal frustrations. Why advocacy is so important. Her wise words to parents and people on the spectrum. Gender balance issues and the challenges females face. How to recognize HFA in females. IQ and funding. Adaptive functioning explained. Her current difficulties getting funding. Her experiences with the current state of help and employment services offered. Establishing and maintaining a strong support network. The federal accessibility legislation initiative explained. How to aide her in her quest. Autism in her own words.

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Mobile phone: 604-363-3266

Mr. Chanha Lee

November 1, 2016

Who is wonderfully well spoken, international, Mr. Chanha Lee? What his childhood was like. How broadcasting helped him. How autism and anxiety affected him - in his words. He breaks some autism myths. What he wishes others would know. How inclusiveness is important and vital to him, and what would make life easier. How autism is a positive force. His gifts. His challenges. His inspiration. What he would like to world to know about autism. How his giftedness makes him feel. His wise words for people on the spectrum.

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Ms. Jenny Story Author, Animator, and Community Member

March 15, 2016

Who is Ms. Jenny Story? What was her childhood like? Her views of autism and some of her difficulties. Embracing her individuality. The world through her eyes. Bullying in schools and what she would like educators to know. Her loves and hobbies. How having a wonderful and positive parent is beneficial. What would make life easier? How autism is a contributing factor to her success. What she would like to see in the community and the future. Why she loves animation. Her experiences at Vancouver Film School. What she would like employers to know. Her book Dysnomia. Her inspirations. Autism in her own words.

Community Member: Mr. Lucas Gates

Jan 1, 2016

Who is Mr. Lucas Gates? His childhood and educational experiences. What he wants other members of society to know about autism. Apologizing and the wish society would be more educated and empathic. What would make his life easier? His advice to parents of children on the spectrum. The brilliance of his inquisitive mind. The value of social stories. His soccer team the Rain City Wolves FC and plans for the future. His work, social life and his Master of Ceremony role at "Night to Remember" in June. His future goal and his passion for computer science and technology.

Twitter: @LucasGates92
Rain City Wolves FC: @RainCityWolves