Autism 30

Mr. Bosang Lee from Here and Now Community Society

October 15, 2016

Who is Mr. Bosang Lee? Cultural differences between Korea and Canada regarding autism? Why is acceptance so important. Why it’s important for families to work together and can they get even closer after diagnosis. Why playing the “blame game” doesn’t help anyone. The importance of asking for help. How he planned for his child’s future. How he’s helping the Korean society in British Columbia. What is Here and Now Community Society? What he loves about his role about being Executive Director. Why parents should contact his organization and ask for his advice. What surprised him about autism. Why it is important to integrate into society. What he learned about himself through this journey. His counsel to others. Autism in his own words.

Here and Now Community Society
Executive Director: Mr. Bosang Lee
Phone: 778-866-8013
Email: [email protected]

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