Autism 30

Autism Canada with Laurie Mawlam

November 15, 2017

Who is Executive Director Laurie Mawlam? This history of Autism Canada. The philosophy. National initiatives, programs, and events calendar. Inclusivity. Conferences. Accessibility for ALL areas of Canada. Autism Junction and information it provides. Screening tools. Knowledge is power and why it’s important to know the signs. 350 pages (and counting) of resources in both French in English. Social media accessibility. Their vast Video library and what it entails. Physician handbook. Words matter guide. Why words matter. The importance of national awareness and how they facilitate it. Research information and the importance of keeping current. How to sign up for their conferences and newsletters. How the public can help. How ASD members (Community Members) can participate. Bilingual ASD (Community Members) groups and sites. Chantale’s words. Awards and accreditations! What she loves about her work. Autism in her own words.

Autism Canada
PO Box 366, Bothwell, Ontario, Canada, N0P 1C0

Contact Details
Telephone: 519-695-5858
Toll Free: 1-866-476-8440
Email: [email protected]

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