Autism 30

President of Autism BC Laurie Guerra and Community Member Wes

Jun 15, 2017

Who is Laurie Guerra and Wes? The story of Wes’s childhood and his diagnosis. Signs of autism. Knowing about his autism diagnosis. Setting high expectations. How autism affected him. Speaking about feeling different. The importance of starting his educational journey in a great school. What he would like others to be aware of. What school (K-12) was like for him. Insight into the rigorous autism schedule. What he would like others to know. Losing the autism diagnosis. Their hopes for the future. Advocacy and the love of a parent. The real financial cost of therapy. What he loves about engineering. His genius, organisational skills, and dependability. Why he loves University. His advice for employers. Wes’s inspiration. His final thoughts and what he’d like you to know about autism.