Autism 30

Vancouver Asperger & Autism Union with Allie

February 1, 2018

Who is Allie? This history of the Vancouver Asperger & Autism Union (The AU). The philosophy of the AU. The greatest gift that the AU offers society. What she loves about it. Understanding stimming. “Get it”. How the Union helped Allie. Her diagnosis story and when to disclose. Accommodations. How have things changed for her at 18 years old. Anxiety and autism. What she would like to see in society. Numbers. Who’s welcome. When and where are meetings. Duration. Speakers and topics. Ways that the AU is different. Events. Social media. Advice for others wanting to start a group of their own. Special interests.

Vancouver Asperger & Autism Union
Mosaic, 5575 Boundary Road, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V5R 2P9