Autism 30

About the Host Talie

Talie is a stay at home mother to her only son, who is on the spectrum, and is married to the love of her life.

Before becoming a mother she was a beloved teacher of 20 years. She has taught students from kindergarten to college level, in 3 different continents, in both private and public schools. Her love of watching people learn and grow, her passion for human development, and a learning junkie herself, made her an ideal parent of a child with autism.

Her experience in knowing that all people learn differently gave her a unique perspective in dealing with her son. She feels so privileged to be given the gift of her child and believes that raising him is her life’s greatest joy.

Autism 30 Programming Policy

Autism 30 Podcast is meant to bring awareness to the public about all aspects of autism and will only feature people, groups and organizations that are currently or previously involved in autism, and whose main goal is to help the autism community and bring education and enlightenment to the general public.

Autism 30 will not endorse or promote any political group or philosophy, religion or spiritual belief and will always run in accordance with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.